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2019 Winter Convention Print Competition

Photographer Man Indoor

By Hand
Jacob Fiscus – 1st Place

Katherine McClure – 2nd Place

Reluctand Husband
Julia Hunt – 3rd Place

Photographer Man Outdoor

Five Minutes to Game Time
Dianna Rucker – 1st Place

Jesse Simmons – 2nd Place

Focus of a Competitor
Jesse Simmons – 3rd Place

Photographer Woman Indoor

Roxanne Bappe – 1st Place

Mariellen Youngdahl – 2nd Place

Coffee with Nana
Dana Rose – 3rd Place

Photographer Woman Outdoor

Summer Breeze
Stacy Zacharias – 1st Place

Beauty in Waiting
Kim LaFauce – 2nd Place

Bohemian Maiden
Madison Rau – 3rd Place

Photographer Child Indoor

She Holds the Power
Sandi Spurrell – 1st Place

Leighton Walker – 2nd Place

Bathtime Shenanigans
Kim LaFauces – 3rd Place

Photographer Child Outdoor

Autumn Enchantress
Dana Rose – 1st Place

Woodland Slumber
Jeanna Hegewald – 2nd Place

The Breakfast Club
Jeanna Hegewald – 3rd Place

Photographer Group Indoor

Love’s Embrace
Sara Palas – 1st Place

She Knows I’m a Boy, Right?
Dana Rose – 2nd Place

The Usual Suspects
Katherine McClure – 3rd Place

Photographer Group Outdoor

Elisha Hamm – 1st Place

Weather the Storm
Leighton Walker – 2nd Place

Photographer Animal

What do Puppies Dream of?
Jeanna Hegewald – 1st Place

Is  it Naptime Yet?
Dana Rose – 2nd Place

Mariellen Youngdahl – 3rd Place

Photographer Photojournalism

Determined to Win
Troy Schroeder – 1st Place

Kathy Somers – 2nd Place

Photographer Illustrative

Wings of Vapor
Darren Swartzendruber – 1st Place

Western Scrub Jay
Roxanne Bappe – 2nd Place

Once a Week, Every Week
Douglas Benton – 3rd Place

Photographer Commercial

Still the Life
Douglas Benton – 1st Place

Sporrer’s Barber Shop
Jacob Fiscus – 2nd Place

Lady in Red
Davis Benton – 3rd Place

Photographer Wedding

Love of a Lifetime
Valerie Meinters – 1st Place

Heaven is for Real
Nicole Diehm – 2nd Place

Love Entwined
Megan Ross – 3rd Place

Photographer Event Album

Justine & Cody
Kaely Pillars – 1st Place

Brittany & Todd
Kaely Pillars – 2nd Place

Molly & Trevor
Kaely Pillars – 3rd Place

Photographer Non-Event Album

Atlantic Sesquicentennial
Kathy Somers – 1st Place

Mandy Pasker – 2nd Place

Billy Pillars – 3rd Place

Master Man

Master Woman

Ornery Ole Cuss
Lisa Rohlk – 1st Place

Pink Champagne
Toni Harryman – 1st Place

Master Child

The Road Ahead
Rachel Hanken – 1st Place

Is the Show Over?
Dani Miller – 2nd Place

Circle of Dreams
Dani Miller – 3rd Place

Master Group

Mutton Bustin Cowboy
Rachel Hanken – 1st Place

Master Photojournalism

Got YA
Rosemary Cooper – 1st Place

Got YA
Rosemary Cooper – 1st Place

Danger Zone
Rosemary Cooper – 3rd Place

Master Animal

Myrtle & Margaret
Dani Miller – 1st Place

Royal Huntress
Sarah Seeley – 2nd Place

What do you mean no recess?
Lisa Francescon – 3rd Place

Master Illustrative

Toni Harryman – 1st Place

Rachel Hanken – 2nd Place

Walking on Water
Sarah Seeley – 3rd Place

Master Commercial

Pacific Point Lighthouse
Uldis Ilvess – 1st Place

City of Gold
Michael Cerizo – 2nd Place

I’ve Got Crabs
Christina Kjar Hanson – 3rd Place

Master Portrait Album

Jaimy Ellis – 1st Place

Jaimy Ellis – 2nd Place

Jaimy Ellis – 3rd Place

Master Event Album

Tyler & Kenzie
Christina Kjar Hanson – 1st Place

Tom & Geri
Lisa Rohlk – 2nd Place


Because the World Needs Another Insect
Toni Harryman – 1st Place

Captive of Nature
Toni Harryman – 2nd Place

Garden of the Stars
Toni Harryman – 3rd Place

Additional Awards

Frank Medlar Memorial Award
Sandi Spurrell

Don Knop Memorial Award
Kaely Pillars

Artist of the Year
Toni Harryman

Lexjet Sunset Award: Artist
Toni Harryman

Lexjet Sunset Award: Animal
Christina Kjar Hanson

Lexjet Sunset Award: Illustrative/Commercial
Douglas Benton

Lexjet Sunset Award: Portrait
Roxanne Bappe

Lexjet Sunset Award: Children
Toni Harryman

Lexjet Sunset Award: Landscape/Nature
Toni Harryman

Fuji Masterpiece Award: Portrait
Dana Rose

Fuji Masterpiece Award: Illustrative
Sarah Seeley

ASP Award
Toni Harryman

Iowa CPP Highest Scoring Print
Toni Harryman

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